Budget Awareness & Quality Assurance

Budget Awareness

The key to a successful project is making prudent choices, knowing what you need and deciding on what you want. Having a budget is critical. It provides all parties with a guideline that can be of enormous assistance in making the right decisions. Without a budget, costs can easily spiral out of control. Our complete design and planning service will help you estimate the expenses you can expect to incur during your project. The closer you estimate expenses, the easier it is to stay on budget.

The Wood & Iron Factory, Inc. has the capacity for designing and manufacturing all your furniture and ecclesiastical art needs. We specialize in wood, bronze, stone, and artistic wrought iron. Our project package discounts - with our design service included at no additional cost - can represent a big savings to your budget.

We constantly search for cost-effective options that can save our customers money, without sacrificing quality. Look to The Wood & Iron Factory, Inc. for all your liturgical furniture needs. We'll help you stay on budget and give you peace of mind with our guarantee to provide high quality products, expert craftsmanship and professional service from start to finish.

Quality Assurance

At The Wood & Iron Factory Inc. , our goals are to exceed customer expectations and guarantee the highest degree of excellence in every piece of furniture we craft and install. Careful examination of each piece of furniture illuminates our passion for detail, from the outstanding quality of the wood to the skilled craftsmanship in which we take such pride.

Planning Ahead to Exceed Customer Expectations

With time-tested processes in place to make certain that our quality assurance goals are met, we demand exceptional attention to detail in order to fully implement quality at every step.

  • We plan ahead to determine a high level of quality
  • We provide only the finest quality custom furnishings
  • We certify that all of our products are produced with the best possible materials, which are carefully crafted to meet the highest standards of excellence

From concept and design to craftsmanship and installation, every phase of every project we undertake is closely monitored for quality control, to ensure that our customers receive only the best products of exceptional caliber.

We take our customer's satisfaction - as well as the quality of our products and the successful completion of each project - very seriously. Our goal is to exceed our customer's expectations and fulfill their vision. This is why, every step of the way, we go a bit further and do more than is expected. And that is how we can unconditionally guarantee a better product.

“Ask about FSC™ certified products”

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