Design: Making the Difference


Design is the heart of our company. It is our passion... our forte... the foundation upon which we build each piece of liturgical furniture and carve each artistic endeavor. Design is the catalyst we use to capture our client's thoughts and ideas, so that we can turn their vision into a reality.

Listening is very important... We design for our clients

We partner with the project architect, general contractor, and building committee to visualize the needs of the client. We offer our clients limitless design and artistic interpretation, with a fine selection of materials and finishes. We integrate aesthetic appeal, comfort, functionality and lasting durability into each of our pieces as we make our client's vision into reality - while creating harmonious continuity in their unique worship environment.

From the earliest stages of a project, our expert design team works closely with our experienced master craftsmen and manufacturing team. This allows us to develop better designs and products to fit the particular needs of our clients.

When we design our church furniture, we don’t just envision the piece itself. We picture how it will be made and installed, while making sure it will fit harmoniously into the client's environment. We design each piece for maximum comfort, durability and functionality, using these principles of our liturgical design:

  1. Understand and visualize our client’s desires
  2. Define their thoughts and ideas
  3. Explore all the possibilities
  4. Create the solutions, refining our ideas and concepts in the process
  5. Manufacture and install the end product

From the initial consultation to design, production and professional install, we provide centralized in-house control when it comes to scheduling, implementation, accountability and competitive ost. Our integrated team of designers, experienced craftsmen and expert installers offer continuity throughout the project.

Whether working on a small chapel or an ornate Cathedral, our team of design professionals always partner closely with each of our clients to understand and fulfill their vision.

Using the power of design, we partner with our clients to transform ordinary spaces into sacred environments

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